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Economic Freedom of the World 2005 Annual Report

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Complete Publication - 2005 Annual Report

Economic Freedom of the World: 2005 Annual Report (1.96 MB)
Complete Publication

The report is also available as several smaller documents:

Executive Summary

Executive Summary (255 KB)
About the Authors
About the Participating Institutes
Other Measures Related to Economic Freedom

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: (640 KB)
Economic Freedom of the World, 2003

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: (270 KB)
Economic Freedom and Peace

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: (473 KB)
Country Data Tables - Albania to Kuwait

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: (512 KB)
Country Data Tables - Latvia to Zimbabwe

Appendix 1

Appendix 1: (154 KB)
Explanatory Notes and Data Sources

Appendix 2

Appendix 2: (140 KB)
Selected Publications Using Ratings from Economic Freedom of the World

2005 Dataset

2005 dataset 2005 dataset (Microsoft Excel - 888 KB)

Press Releases and Media Information

International Press Release - Fraser Institute, Sept 8, 2005

Canadian Press Release - Fraser Institute, Sept 8, 2005

Policy Briefing Fraser Institute Policy Briefing: Powerpoint presentation (2 MB)
New Conference Presentation Cato Institute news conference presentation by authors James Gwartney and Robert Lawson (205 KB)



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"Because some variable names and data sources have evolved over the years, users should consult earlier editions for details regarding sources and descriptions for those years. Users are further encouraged to use the data from the most recent data file as updates and corrections, even to earlier years' data, do occur. Users doing long term or longitudinal studies are encouraged to use the chain-linked index as it is the most consistent through time. If you have any difficulty downloading the data, please contact Fred McMahon via email at If you have technical questions about the data itself, please contact Joshua Hall at or Robert Lawson at



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