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Economic Freedom of North America 2015

Economic Freedom of North America 2015This index, published by the Fraser Institute, presents the only comprehensive economic freedom ratings for U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

This is the eleventh edition of the annual report, Economic Freedom of North America, in which we measure the extent to which policies of individual provinces and states are supportive of economic freedom—the ability of individuals to act in the economic sphere free of undue restrictions. We provide two indices: one that examines provincial/state and municipal/local governments only and another that in addition examines the federal government. The former, our subnational index, facilitates comparisons of individual jurisdictions within the same country. The latter, our all-government index, facilitates comparisons of jurisdictions in different countries.

For the subnational index, Economic Freedom of North America employs 10 variables for the 92 provincial/state governments in Canada, the United States, and Mexico in three areas: 1. Government Spending; 2. Taxes; and 3. Labor Market Freedom. In the case of the all-government index, we incorporate three additional areas at the federal level from Economic Freedom of the World (EFW): 4. Legal Systems and Property Rights; 5. Sound Money; and 6. Freedom to Trade Internationally; and we expand Area 1 to include government enterprises and investment (variable 1C in EFW), Area 2 to include top marginal income and payroll tax rate (variable 1Dii in EFW), and Area 3 to include credit market regulation and business regulations (also at the federal level). These additions help to capture restrictions on economic freedom that are difficult to measure at the provincial/state and municipal/local level.

Before last year, in some past editions we had included a subnational economic freedom index for the Mexican states. However, because the data were often incompatible, we were previously not able to include the Mexican states in the over-all all-government index for North America. Last year, for the first time, we were able to include them. They are included again this year.

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Datasets 2015

As presented in the report:
Dataset - North America Dataset - North America (Excel - 411 KB)
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